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Watch As Luiza Catches Some Monster Hogfish – Snapper & Grouper

If you’re a guy, I’m pretty sure you like fishing, whether it’s on the banks of a river, or on the shore of a lake, or on a boat out on the ocean. But what could be more fun than going fishing, going fishing with a beautiful woman like Luiza.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this super model angler, let me give you a little snippet from her bio:

Female angler Luiza was born and raised in the beautiful country of Brazil. She’s always had a love for the ocean and her fishing addiction started when she was just a little girl the first time her grandparents took her fishing. Since moving to Florida she spends most of her time for work and pleasure fishing, spearfishing and scuba diving around the world. 

Luiza has made the cover of numerous fishing magazines including GAFF magazine, Onshore Offshore, Woods & Water, Coastal Angler & Big Game Fishing Journal. She has also written & has been featured in various fishing magazine articles over the past several years.

But if you want to learn more about Luiza, you can simply click here and visit her website.

This young woman isn’t some bubble-headed bimbo, she’s an accomplished angler who has been fishing all over the world and she’s reeled-in some pretty nice fish that would make any fisherman sit up and take notice. She has several sponsors that are well known by most (if not all) angler’s.

In this particular episode of  YouTube’s ‘Fishing with Luiza’, she goes out with Captain Jimmy Nelson off the Florida coast to bring-in some MONSTER hogfish, snapper and grouper’s. So, sit back and enjoy the show.



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