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Watch As Matt LeBlanc Takes The Avtoros Shaman 8×8 For A Spin

I find it rather interesting that Matt LeBlanc would be a front man for the BBC show “Top Gear”, but sadly, he will not be there for the next season. The Friends and Episodes star began presenting the BBC Two show alongside Chris Evans in 2016. LeBlanc went on to front the show with Rory Reid and Chris Harris when Evans left after his first series. LeBlanc said that despite Top Gear being “great fun”, the “time commitment and extensive travel… takes me away from my family and friends more than I’m comfortable with.”

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and he will be missed. But, let’s talk about the Russian made Shaman 8×8 okay ?

Do you want to obtain a perfect vehicle for hunting and fishing? Do you need a reliable vehicle that can overcome any obstacle including rivers and marshes? You present you’re the latest innovation in Russia – Shaman. A vehicle highly praised by a multitude of people who love hunting and fishing during winter, summer, and midseason.

This ATV equipped with low pressure tires will be your reliable partner during your travels across the country side. Due to innovative steering system with three handling options, Shaman demonstrates great maneuverability and stability on the road. The vehicle can easily move with the speed up to 44 mph. The independent suspension provides comfort when driving off-road.

Undeniable Advantages of Shaman

  • Optimal dimensions. The length of this vehicle is 6.3m and its width – 2.5m. Such dimensions are uncharacteristic for standard cars. However, the size doesn’t prevent Shaman from feeling comfortably within a city or on highways.
  • You can build your own variation of Shaman. Amphibious ATV is available in two general modifications: “Tourist” and “Hunter”. You can choose to additionally equip each of them with frontal and rear winches, top lights, a screw-propeller, a ladder, and a top trunk. There is an option for automatic wheel pumping. The main differences between variations are seats. The “Hunter” modification has benches that can be turned into beds if necessary. The “Tourist” has individual adjustable seats with three-point seat-belts.
  • Comfortable driving and high performance. 146 horsepower under its hood and 6-speed transmission with 2-speed transfer gear box make Shaman.
  • Exclusiveness and price flexibility. The price of Shaman depends on what additional features you want to be installed. You can choose freely what is necessary for your comfort: leather on your driving wheel, shield glass heating or an advanced media system. Getting a reliable cross-country vehicle and saving money on fuel is more than possible. Shaman’s fuel tank can store up to 260 liters of fuel. Shaman consumes about 25 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. It can cruise at 44 mph and swim at 4.3 mph.

Russian ATV “Shaman” is perfectly suited for challenging weather conditions. Shaman is not afraid of dirt, snow or marshes. This is a perfect transportation for a fisherman or a hunter that allows up to 12 people to comfortably travel through seemingly impassable terrain.

If you want to buy the Shaman all you do is click HERE.



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