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Great Video Shows You How To Kill – Gut – Skin & Tan A Rattlesnake Skin

For those of you who live in rattlesnake country, I thought this video would help you out. Rattlesnake skins (and snake skins in general) make pretty cool boots, belts, hat bands, knife sheaths and other accessories. Not only does rattlesnake skin look cool, it could make for a great story to tell your friends, or relatives.

This excerpt comes from

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“First of all, there are certain fabrics and patterns that transcend fashion. Each year designers and fashion hounds seek out the perfect way to wear these magnificent textiles, while the general public will buy it in any form or fashion at all. Snakeskin is one of those fabrics. In addition to, It is as classic a staple as the little black dress. No matter how or where you wear it, it makes a dashing addition to your apparel. One of the most sought-after articles of clothing made from snakeskin is shoes and boots. Experts in the field of fashion and design believe the allure of snakeskin comes from its unique patterns in neutral tones.”

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So, if you want to learn how to gut & tan a rattlesnake, read the instructions and if your more of the “visual” type…watch the video below (or both, whatever works best for you).


First thing is first, cut off the head. Best way is to step on the head and cut it off with a knife. Be careful not to mess with the head as it can still bite. The entire body will keep squirming for that matter as you can see in the video. Quite a creepy sight!


Next, take a scissor and cut down the center of the snake. Now peel away the skin. Once you get it started near the top it should separate easily from the body. With the skin now removed, clean the cuts out like you would a fish. Grab a piece of innards at the top and the mess should pull right out.


Now to prepare the hide, remove the slimy membrane and remaining flesh left on the hide with a small knife. Be careful and take your time. The skin is now ready for curing.


Place the hide in a jar of half alcohol and half glycerin oil. Let it sit for three days. After the curing process remove the hide and gently pin it to a piece of cardboard careful to stretch it flat. Keep the pins about a half inch apart.


Let it dry for about a week and you’re finished. You now have a beautifully tanned rattlesnake hide perfect for a pair of boots or maybe even a snakeskin jacket if you get enough of them.



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