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The PPS-50 An AWESOME .22LR Reproduction Of A Soviet Era Weapon

Introduced by the Italian Pietta company in the 1970s (yes, the same Pietta that makes all those reproduction Old West revolvers and lever action rifles), the PPS/50 has been a continuously popular firearm for more than 40 years now. Designed to roughly resemble a Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun, the PPS/50 is a semiautomatic .22 rimfire for the recreational market and nothing more.

It is a simple blowback action, and perhaps the most interesting mechanical feature is its 50-round drum magazine (which is really what differentiates it from the plethora of other rimfire semiautomatic rifles on the market). The drum is remarkably reliable, and has certainly contributed to the long sustained manufacture of the PPS/50.

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While its Full-auto ancestor was made famous in the Battle of Berlin in 1945; the New PPS50/22 is styled like the PPSh-41. It is Semi-Auto, Drum or Clip -fed, caliber .22LR, Solid Wood Stock, and the Barrel has a Full-length, Perforated Heat Shield, just like the Soviet PPSh-41. The PPS50/22 looks like the Soviet PPSh-41, especially when equipped with the Quick-release Drum Magazine.

Made in .22LR caliber, you can Shoot All Day Long, because .22LR ammunition is inexpensive and reliable. With its adjustable rear sight and sharp-blade front sight, it rivals far more expensive rifles in accuracy.

The PPS50/22 has a secure , semi-auto action, a smooth trigger, a high-quality and nicely-fitted stock, making Shooting All Day Long very comfortable and a lot of fun! The PPS50/22 is equipped with studs to accept swivels and a sling.

The barrel is the most remarkable part of the PPS/50. The drilled barrel-cover gives the carbine a military look. It features a screw fixed base with a dovetail blade front sight and a folding “V” leaf rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation. The operation is semi-automatic, blowback type. Two recoil springs, located behind the bolt, insure the correct closing.

The release is locked by a lever type safety. The gun can use three different types of magazine : the drum magazine, the long prismatin magazine and the short prismatic magazine. It features a beechwood stock and sandblasted and blued metal parts.

Model Number Description Price in USD
PPS-025 PPS50/22 .22 LR $495.00
PPSA-500 50-round Drum Magazine:
Preserve the original Soviet WWII look with the drum magazine. Not for sale in California and certain other localities. Check your local laws before ordering the drum.
Only $99.95 when purchased with the rifle.
PPSA-510 50-round Drum Magazine: 10 rounds
Blocked at 10 rounds, for states where larger magazines are not allowed.
Only $99.95 when purchased with the rifle.
PPSA-300 30-round Banana Magazine:
Not for sale in California and certain other localities. Check your local laws before ordering the banana magazine.
PPSA-310 30-round Banana Magazine: 10 rounds
Blocked at 10 rounds, for states where larger magazines are not allowed.
PPSA-100 10-round Standard Magazine: (One comes standard with your rifle at no extra charge.) $39.95
A-711 Sling, Original Soviet from WWII era. New Condition. $29.95
A-717 Sling, Heavy Leather, Light Tan, with studs. $29.95
A-751 Sling Swivel, quick detach, set of two. $22.95



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