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This Is One Video You HAVE TO SEE…A Drowning Dog Fighting For Her Life Gets Rescued By Animal Aid Group

Even though the video below starts out sadly, if you watch it all the way through, it will restore your faith in humanity. Apparently, a dog fell into a deep well in a remote village somewhere in India and was there for many hours before she was spotted by local villagers. A call went out to an organization called Animal Aid Unlimited and this frightened pup was finally rescued. Seeing things like this truly make me believe that there is hope for the human race.

Here is what the folks at Animal Aid Unlimited had to say about  this event:

“We got a call to rescue a dog fighting for her life after falling in a deep well. She may have been swimming for hours before a villager saw her and called our helpline. She was quickly losing her strength and could barely hold on to the sides of the well. It looked like she’d been struggling in the water, trying to stay alive, for hours. She repeatedly grasped with claws we later found were bleeding, trying desperately to hold on to the only jagged piece of rock she could find. She was rapidly losing her strength, and as her rescuer Ganpat descended the 70 foot well, we could see that she was minutes away from giving in to her exhaustion. When he reached the water she clearly seemed to understand that this is the man who will save her life…”

This is from their website

Animal Aid Unlimited is a life-changing place for both people and animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Founded in 2002, our mission is to rescue and treat the un-owned street animals of Udaipur who have become ill or injured, and through their rescue inspire a community to protect and defend the lives of all animals.

Our work focuses on the vital moment when a resident of Udaipur sees an animal who needs help, and stops to help. Taking action is the pivotal experience that can change everything for good.

By providing a phone number someone can call and a shelter who will help and save, we are inspiring action in the community. Action that though small at first, maybe just a phone call on our helpline, is the first step for someone on the road of becoming the person that animals desperately need.

If you would like to help, aid, or donate to Animal Aid Unlimited….simply click HERE.



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