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This You Gotta See: Darcizzle’s Best Fishing Fails & Bloopers Video

Not everything you see on a video goes as smoothly as one might think. There are times when the equipment doesn’t work, also the weather acts-up at times, you get clouds when you expected sunshine. And then there’s that pesky little problem when you can’t remember your lines…that can be a real pain in the butt. And last but not least….sometimes the fish don’t want to do what you need them to do…like stay in the boat after you catch them.

In case you don’t know who “Darcizzle” is, let me refresh your memory using her own words from her website

“My name is Darcie or better known as Darcizzle. I am a female angler here in sunny South Florida – the fishing capital of the world! My goal in the fishing industry is to prove that females, children, and young anglers alike can discover the secrets of fishing and accomplish their angling goals. Age is just a number, and experience comes with practice. I can tie knots, rigs, gaff fish, throw a cast net and bridle live bait, kite fish and more! YOU can do it too! I want to prove to all anglers and newbies to the sport; it’s fun to get your hands dirty! It’s also fun to show the old timers you can catch fish too! The tug is the ultimate drug! Keep On Catchin’!~ Darcie

About the video, this is Florida’s own fishing bikini girl “Darcizzle” and  Bill Dance. These are the best funny video clips & bloopers of the last several years…enjoy!!!



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