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Watch As Snake Handler Does Venom Extraction On A King Cobra…This Is No Place For Amateurs

Venom extractions may look pretty easy and simple, but any mistakes from the individual doing the extraction could literally cost that individual his, or her life, this is NO PLACE for amateurs. Snakes have kinetic skulls – this means their skulls are very complex, composed of several joints, hinges, and pieces, that allow them to expand and stretch in ways yours and mine simply can’t.
This flexibility is an adaptation that enables snakes to swallow whole prey that are much larger than their heads. So while it looks like the animals skull is getting smushed, that is not the case. It is simply flexing along it’s natural joints.
Also, people handling venomous snakes do not have the luxury of using a light and easy grip. Venomous animals are highly dangerous and must be held securely at all times to prevent bites (and fatalities). A loose grip would enable the snake to bite him, or his assistants.
This video was filmed at the Reptile Discovery Center, in DeLand, Florida. Here is some information about them from their website:
“The Reptile Discovery Center is a unique facility in which visitors are exposed to a wide variety of reptile species. In the Center’s Serpentarium, dozens of the world’s most dangerous and exotic snakes are on display, including a thirteen-foot king cobra and a fourteen-foot burmese python. The outside nature trail features alligators, lizards, tortoises and other reptiles which can be seen up close in their natural environments.”



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