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Watch As Vicky Stark Goes Paddleboard Fishing For Exotic Barramundi Fish

Well folks, our favorite “fishing girl next door” Vicky Stark is at it again, only this time she’s trying to catch a rather exotic fish- the Barramundi. And to help her out, the folks at Osceola Outback took her out to a good spot to catch these fish.
Here’s what the folks at have to say:
“Native to Australia, these exotic super fish possess all the best qualities of our native sportfish. Weighing up to a hundred pounds, they strike with the tenacity of a largemouth bass, fight with the power of a snook, soar through the air like tarpon, and the good news is you don’t have to traverse the globe to catch one.
Located in Central Florida just 45 minutes from the Orlando airport, Disney, and other attractions, Osceola Outback Adventures is the only licensed barramundi fishing operation in North America. In fact, we are the only location in the northern and western hemispheres of the world where anglers can fish for barramundi.
Our property is a working catch and release fish farm and the Barra are stocked so that no angler goes home until they’re tired of catching them! In fact, most anglers will catch more fish here than on any other trip in their life.
We provide everything you need to make this one of a kind experience memorable: fishing guide, rods, tackle, sunscreen, cold drinks, and a great experience. You don’t even need a fishing license!
Our property can accommodate both individual guests and large corporate groups. In fact we hosted nearly a hundred guests from the outdoor community during the ICAST Convention several years ago. All of whom spent the day catching barramundi!”
And now for the fun part….watching Vicky as she tries to snag a few Barramundi



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