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[VIDEO] The Guys From ‘Moss Pawn & Guns’ Treat Us To Some 10 Gauge Destruction

It looks like the boys from Moss Pawn and Guns have a special treat for us and like always, it should be pretty cool. If you’ve never seen one of these videos before, you are definitely in for a BIG treat! But, if you haven’t, let me give you a little background on just who these people are.

This paragraph below comes their website :

We have been serving the Atlanta area since 1974. We use our combined years of experience to deliver the best customer service we can. Whether its with purchasing your first firearm or you need an engagement ring, we have the staff to help you with your decision. 

Now, about Eric and Chad, they both work there and Eric has his own YouTube channel Iraqveteran8888 .  Eric puts out some really great and informative videos as you will see. In this particular one, bothe Eric and Chad break-out a couple of 10 gauge shotguns for a little ’10 gauge destruction’, which should be quite entertaining.

About the 10 Gauge:

The 10 gauge shotgun has a nominal bore diameter of .770 inch. It is the largest bore shotgun for which shells are still commercially manufactured. In the 1880’s it was considered an all-around gauge, and it was very popular. (The men riding “shotgun” on Wells Fargo stagecoaches in the Old West were issued 10 gauge doubles.) But the 12 gauge superceded it as the all-around gauge in the 1890’s, and the 10 became a specialized waterfowl gauge.

Eric had this to say about this particular video:

“In this video we break out the 10 gauge shotguns for some plain old fun. We run slugs, buckshot, some cut-shells (which are considered “nonsense” to some that don’t know any better, but we all know that Barry would approve) and some crazy CO2 loads that you have never seen before. Stay tuned, much more on the way! “



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