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If You’re Not A ‘Believer’ You Will Be After This….An Entire Sasquatch Tribe Filmed For The Fist Time

Some scientists argued that Bigfoot is nothing more than man in gorilla costume, or a mislabeled bear, while others insisted that Sasquatch is an undiscovered ape species driven to the brink of extension by humans. Once again, I leave this up to you, the audience, as to whether you wish to believe this, or not. I am not saying about the authenticity of this video, one way, or the other.

All I am asking, is that you watch the video in it’s entirety and afterwards, make up your own mind about it. I will state the obvious about the featured image of the video, yes…it’s obviously a shot of a female gorilla and an infant. What did impress me, was alot of the shots of these creatures, were almost perfect in clarity. I do not believe that an entire tribe of native people would go through all of the trouble, just to make a hoax and pull a fast-one on anyone.

This is part of the description that went with the video:

So many sightings around the world that creatures got its own distinct names by locals, who have no doubt in their existence. Yet, there was no clear recorded evidence except numerous grainy cell phone and old camera videos. Until now. After years of searching we finally found and filmed the entire lost tribe of Bigfoot or Sasquatch as it called by native Indians tribe Cree known as Big River First Nation of Canadian province Saskatchewan.

Watch and learn how Cree tribe lived in harmony and peace with Sasquatch for millennia until Pale Faced colonized Canada and started the war of three nations driving two of them on the brink of extinction. So Kryan Channel without any expectations and just for fun took an offer of Cree tribe to visit them in Canadian province of Saskatchewan and tell the world what we saw there. We thought to see nothing more than beautiful Canadian nature but what we filmed and learned there shocked us to the core.



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