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Talk About A Great Day… Let’s Go Fishing For Yellow Tail Kingfish With Brooke Frecklington

What could possibly be better than spending the day on a boat in deep water fishing for Kinis ? Well, having one of the hottest girls on the planet along with you would most certainly make it a ‘perfect day’.

Brooke Frecklington is reeling in the social media followers with her fishing clips and after one look at the Aussie hottie, you can certainly see why. The former model, who was crowned Australasian Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2004, is so passionate about fishing she hopes to make a living hosting her own fishing show.

The yellow tail Kingfish is one of the most ferocious and powerful fish that every fisherman dreams about landing and Brooke has set her sights on landing this prize.

 It is one fish which will test every muscle in your upper body especially your arms, shoulders and back. They can be recognized by their dark green skin, silvery white bellies and a golden stripe that runs laterally along the body.

They are also easily recognized by the bright yellow fins, hence called “Yellowtail Kingfish” – Often they are just referred to a Kingis .

Their smooth stream lined bodies and strong caudal fin gives the kingfish its speed and power. They can grow to more than a meter in length and to over 45 kgs in weight. The bigger kingfish can be identified with their fading color while the younger fish have the distinctive green visible on their bodies.



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