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While Fishing Off The Beach ‘Something’ Took A Chunk Out Of This Guys Hand…See What It Was HERE

Before we get into this, just let me first say…no…it wasn’t a shark. Since this was obviously filmed on the east coast, I’m not too familiar with the fish he caught. So I did some research and learned a couple of things about this particular fish and what I found, I sure didn’t like. If not handled properly, these things can really put the hurt on you.

A YouTuber who goes by the name “Rankin Fishing”, had this to say about what happened to him:

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Date Filmed Sept 29th 2017. Location Indian River Inlet North Beach. I was fishing for little bluefish because that’s all that was really in the surf at the the time and while unhooking a Clearnose Skate rather carelessly, I was bitten by the creature and was definitely the most physical pain a fish has ever inflicted on me.

This is what did the damage:

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And here is why their bite is so bad:

Clearnose skate A. ventral view of anterior portion of the head, B. Upper and lower teeth of a female clearnose skate. As you can see, those teeth are really nasty.

Now, here’s the video so you can see for yourself what happened:



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