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The Czech Semi Auto Pistol CZ 82…Very Inexpensive Well Made & Reliable

Here is a pistol that every die-hard gun collector (or firearms owner), should have. The CZ 82 is well made, very inexpensive and reliable as all hell!!  And before anyone says anything, yes, I know, because I own one and I bought it CHEAP. I never had a misfire when using it and in fact, I never had any problems with it. The ammunition is readily available and cheap as well from most websites that sell ammo.

Here’s a little history on CZ 82:

Manufactured by the Czechoslovak firm Česká zbrojovka the vz. 82 replaced the 7.62×25mm Tokarev vz. 52 pistol in Czechoslovak military service in 1983. It is a compact, single/double-action, semi-automatic pistol with a conventional blowback action.
This type of action allows the barrel to remain solidly fixed to the frame, resulting in improved accuracy over pistols with pivoting barrels (like the U.S. M1911 series). The low bore axis of the vz. 82 provides for less muzzle rise and quicker follow-up shots. For added convenience, both the frame-mounted thumb safety and the magazine release are ambidextrous. The vz. 82 was the first service pistol to feature both these features.
The bore is chrome plated, which gives it three advantages: longer barrel life, resistance to rust from the use of corrosive ammunition, and ease of cleaning. Another feature of this pistol is the use of polygonal rifling in the barrel bore.
This replaces the traditional lands and grooves rifling design with a rounded, smooth polygonal pattern which has a more “hills and valleys” appearance. The CZ 83 was set to discontinued/limited production status by CZ USA in 2012.

And if you want one of these babies for yourself….check-out this website: J&G Sales



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