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10 Animals That You Don’t Want To Come Into Contact With & Should Run Away From

Unlike our friends of the “Left”, those of us with actual brains in our heads know that “nature” isn’t “fair” and even the cutest and cuddliest looking creatures can tear your head-clean off.  But, this isn’t about “right”, or “left”, this is about F-A-C-T-S regarding nature and the many different species of animals that we share the planet with. Thankfully, we have evolved away from the ‘Hunter- Gatherer’ culture of prehistoric times. Our ancestors didn’t know anything about ecology , or extinction, all they knew was, if they didn’t kill something that day, they went hungry.

In today’s modern word, we are not dependent on hunting for our supper, we just take a stroll to the local grocery store and buy what we want to eat. But, there are still animals out there in the world that can injure, or even kill us, if we’re not careful and that is what the video below is all about.

Nature can be a beautiful, life-giving resource, or it can be a cruel force of change. Without that pressure to evolve, humanity would never have reached the heights we enjoy today. But as much as we owe our existence to the wilds of this wonderful planet, there’s no denying that there are certain parts of the natural world, namely certain animals that have us shaking our heads, going: ‘wow nature, is scary’. From disease-carrying arachnids, to a fish with lethal levels of toxicity, here are 10 animals you should avoid and probably run away from if you do come into contact with.

There’s an old saying…and it goes like this: ‘What ever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger” . That true, but let me add this little bit; “Except bears…bears can kill you”.

Okay, watch the video from the safety of your sanitized environment.



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