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The “Fury”…World’s BIGGEST Jacketed Hollow-Point Bullet

Let’s just say for the sake of argument, that you have a giant Cave Bear, or Terminator Pig bothering you and you don’t think your 30.06 will put it down…what are your options? Well, you could try the “Fury”, a 660 grain, .729 caliber hollow-point slug should do the trick. I mean this particular round holds the un-official title as the world’s BIGGEST jacketed hollow-point bullet. And there is NO DOUBT that what ever you hit with it…is going DOWN and NOT get-up again.

Of course you’ll have to fire it out of your trusty 12 gauge shotgun, only because I don’t think that anyone has made a handgun big enough to to hold this monster of a bullet.

Now you ask, just who are these folks that make these giant custom bullets?

This is from their website:
Fury Custom Bullets is owned and operated by Dennis Kautz. Located in the Thumb of Michigan, he has over 35 years of experience making custom bullets and can bring almost anything you request to the table as needed. Fury is a family owned and operated business. We take pride in the smallest detail of every mold to bring you the highest quality piece of merchandise you can buy in every purchase.”

So as far as I’m concerned, not only being an American company, but a family owned business, should put them right on top of your favorites list for all your custom needs. At least it’s worth just buying one box of these to really see what they can do in your own test conducted at home.

Here is how you can contact these folks:
Fury Custom Bullets
Croswell, Michigan. 48422

810.404.2973  furycustombullets

Now sit back and watch for yourself the destructive power of these monster bullets in the video below.



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