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Watch As Ashley Demonstrates How To Disassemble & Clean An AR-15

Watch as Ashley shows you how to take apart and clean your AR-15 rifle. I realize that some guys are afflicted with a short attention span, that’s why I put a video in this article with a pretty girl. I’m a firm believer in visual concepts in order to teach someone something. I think that using videos to teach a block of instruction is always the best method (why I’m using Ashley as a teaching tool).

The key to maintaining proper function of your AR-15 rifle, or any weapon, is to keep it clean on a regular basis. Luckily, Ashley is here with the best AR-15 cleaning video you will find. Now, I’m not suggesting that you dress like Ashley when you clean your AR-15, that was merely to get your attention.

But if you’re a person who prefers to READ, I’ve got you covered also courtesy of Just click HERE if you prefer written & photographic instruction on how to strip and clean your AR-15, without the distraction of Ashley being there.


Items needed:

  • A gun cleaning solvent of your choice to assist in breaking up the fouling from the rifling in the barrel and the bolt carrier group.
  • Some lubricant that may either be an oil, grease, or combination material such as CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and protectant).
  • A bore cleaning device such as a bore snake, or a cleaning rod of proper caliber size. When choosing to use a cleaning rod, you will also need the proper attachments and fabric patches for running down the barrel to remove fouling from the rifling.


  1. Field strip your AR-15 by separating the upper receiver from the lower receiver. You may set the lower receiver aside as it normally does not require cleaning.
  2. Remove the BCG (bolt carrier group) and charging handle from the upper receiver.
  3. Spray some bore cleaner down the barrel. This will allow it to soak in while you move onto the next step.
  4. Field strip the BCG. (In the video, I show a detailed example of how to do this)
  5. Spray a cleaner of choice onto the field stripped BCG parts and then wipe them clean.
  6. Run a bore snake, or something similar, down the barrel and chamber to remove any fouling and to clean it.
  7. Use your lubricant of choice and lubricate the BCG and charging handle.
  8. Reassemble your upper receiver by installing the BCG and charging handle.
  9. Reassemble your AR-15 by re-attaching the upper receiver to the lower receiver.
  10. Function check your now cleaned and lubricated AR-15 for proper function.

There are a variety of ways to do this process, but they all end the same way with a clean and properly lubricated AR-15.


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