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Here’s A MONSTER Handgun For Ya…The Magnum Research BFR 45/70 Gov’t

Every now and then I come across something that is so darn cool, that even I am surprised and say:”Holy Crap”!! Well, this is it boys and girls…the BFR 45/70 Gov’t Handgun by Magnum Research, I mean this thing is AWESOME and I’m sure you’ll agree. Now I’ve published several articles about large caliber handguns, but as far as I’m concerned, this one wins the prize as my all-time favorite. One of the things that I really like, is that now I can purchase a handgun that fires the same caliber ammunition as my Marlin lever-action 45/70 Gov’t rifle. So I know that when I go into the woods armed with these two weapons, I don’t have to pack two different calibers of ammunition and if I get into a dangerous situation, I have more than enough firepower to protect my life should the situation ever arise.

Here is some info from Magnum Research’s website:

Magnum Research’s Biggest Finest Revolver is truly the biggest, finest revolver on the market today. Entirely manufactured in the US and like the legendary Desert Eagle pistol it is designed as a magnum from the ground up. The BFR is all stainless and has a precision grade barrel that delivers unmatched accuracy with lead or jacketed bullets. The BFR is the most powerful production single action gun made and with 10 calibers and two frame sizes to choose from you can take everything from grouse to grizzly. Choose your chambering and frame size and have your favorite gun dealer locate one of the BFRs for you.

Here’s some info courtesy of Wikipedia:

The Magnum Research BFR is a single-action revolver manufactured by Magnum Research. It is made from stainless steel and is manufactured in a variety of heavy calibers, such as .500 S&W Magnum, including some traditional rifle cartridges, such as the .30-30 and .45-70/.450 Marlin. The name “BFR” officially is an acronym for “Big Frame Revolver” or “Biggest, Finest Revolver”. However, collectors and large-caliber enthusiasts have been known to misinterpret the acronym as “Big F_ _king Revolver”,[2], as this was obviously the intended connotation, likely in reference to the BFG-9000.

Beneath the video I’ll place the specifications regarding this firearm, so in the meantime, enjoy the video.


Available Calibers .30/30 WIN., .444 Marlin, .450 Marlin, .45LC/.410, .45/70 Gov’t., .460 S&W, .500 S&W
Barrel Lengths 10″
Overall Lengths 15″
Height 6″
Cylinder Width 1.75″
Finish Brushed Stainless Steel
Trigger Pull 4-5 lbs.
Sights Factory Black Fixed Front / Rear Adjustable
Weight 4.5 lbs., 4.7 lbs., 5 lbs., 5.3 lbs.
Shots 5

45/70, 10″ Barrel BFR Revolver MSRP: $1,050.00



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