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If You Want REAL POWER In An AR Platform Rifle…Then Use The Giant .458 SOCOM

The 458 SOCOM cartridge offers the practical ballistics of the legendary .45-70 in a modern AR platform rifle and is capable of firing 250 to 600 grain .458 caliber bullets in a lightweight, controllable package. For hunting medium to large game, bullets in the 250 grain– 400 grain weight range possess devastating killing power. We have found that the .458 SOCOM offers peak downrange performance when firing the purpose built Barnes 300 grain TAC TX bullet in the 1750fps – 1800fps velocity range.

The 458 SOCOM - Big Bore AR Calibers Part I | SOFREP

The 1-22 twist rate is an absolute tack driver with 250gr – 325gr bullets commonly used for hunting and is the optimum choice for the Barnes 300gr TAC TX/TTSX SOCOM bullet. The industry standard 1-14 twist barrels seem to be the best choice for over 350 grain bullets and/or subsonic loads and will shoot all suitable bullet weights acceptably well. We recommend this twist rate if you plan to use a suppressor to eliminate the chance of a baffle strike. The SOCOM is also capable of launching 500- 600 grain bullets at subsonic velocities for suppressed or tactical use.

And the rifle that fires the .485 SOCOM is the MkW MKW-15T, ANVIL. It is a new platform for combining, the strength of the MUTANT mid-size platform and our POWERBOLT technology, with the ballistic energy of the 458 SOCOM. The MkW features the CMMG mid-sized receivers based on our Mk3 platform carved from billet 7075-T6 aluminum. The MkW was engineered to harness the full potential of the 458 SOCOM cartridge utilizing the POWERBOLT technology based off of the Mk3. The unique MkW lower receiver readily accepts all standard AR15 magazines.


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