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The Most Useless (Yet Totally Cool) Ballistics Test You’ll Ever See: 20mm Vulcan Prius vs Ballistic Gel

What’s the point you might ask…well there is no point, it’s just a really cool thing to watch is all.  I mean, using ballistics gel to see what a 20mm round will do to it is a given, but when you mount a 20mm Vulcan on one of the most sissy-ass cars ever made, it kinda makes that car one of the most bad-ass vehicles on the road. I mean, if you’re driving a Toyota Prius with a 20mm Vulcan  attatched to it down the freeway, ain’t N-O-B-O-D-Y gonna say SQUAT to you.

This is still a pretty cool thing to watch and it’s less than three minutes long…so it’s a ‘win-win’ for all.

About the 20mm Vulcan:

The M61 Vulcan is a hydraulically, electrically or pneumatically driven, six-barrel, air-cooled, electrically fired Gatling-style rotary cannon which fires 20 mm rounds at an extremely high rate.
Caliber: 20 mm
Rate of fire: M61A1: 6,000 rounds per minute; M61A2: 6,600 rounds per minute
Feed system: Belt or linkless feed system
Barrels: 6-barrel (progressive RH parabolic twist, 9 grooves)
Cartridge: 20×102 mm
Manufacturer: General Dynamics
In service: 1959–present

Now that you’re up to speed, enjoy the video



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