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You Better Watch Out Young Lady…That 20mm Has One Helluva Recoil

When it comes to women and firearms…I say “Why not” ? I just think it’s absolutely fantastic that women today have an interest in firearms. Liberals and other idiots, tell us we don’t need to own guns, they say that the police will take care of us if we have someone trying to break into our homes. Also, liberals tell women, that if you carry a firearm and someone attempts to rape you, they could just simply take your gun away and kill you with it…if the woman is well trained and sufficiently armed, it’s not very likely. They also suggest to women, that they should urinate on themselves and that will ruin the rapist’s libido…more friggin’ liberal nonsense.
I would feel very safe knowing my wife had a firearm and was proficient in it’s use. That way, she wouldn’t have to urinate on herself if she was attacked, she’d just pull-out her Smith & Wesson .38 revolver and make the rapist piss on himself.
Ladies, you don’t necessarily need to learn to shoot a 20mm recoilless gun, a snub-nosed .38 caliber pistol will work just fine, learn how to use it and you’ll never have to worry about a “Prince Charming” having to be there to protect you. The best gift your boyfriend, or husband can get you, is a nice .38 Special, or a sweet little .380 that fits in your purse , right next to your NRA membership card and also right next to your CCP.
Remember ladies…be aware and be armed and no one will ever hurt you.



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