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Here’s The Truth About Bloomberg’s Oppressive Gun Control Agenda For His Presidential Campaign

“Nanny State” Michael Bloomberg turly believes that he (and he alone) knows what’s best for all of you pleb’s and he’s willing to buy local piliticians in your state to push hius gun-grabbing agenda. It’s funny, but ever since the 2016 elections, the democrats have taken-off their masks and shiown what true contempt they have for working class Americans and have made NO SECRET about their oippressive plans for yur future. Most politicians running for office at least try to sugar coat their policies, but not Bloomberg, he’s made NO SECRET the contempt he has for everyday, hard working Americans and that’s something that should scare the living CRAP out of each and every one of you.

Vote for that…I think not.

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YouTuber Colion Noir had this to say about Michael Bloomberg:

“The 2nd Amendment was literally written for people like you.

You didn’t help Everytown, you bought and paid for it. You throw money around like a political trick then try to pass it off as grassroots. That’s like meeting a girl on sugarbabies dot com and telling people she really loves you. Nah, she doesn’t love you she loves your money. But you know this, and you don’t care because you’re a megalomaniac obsessed with power and what can be a grander display of power than to be the man who single-handedly disarmed the American people. As far as I’m concerned, Bloomberg is the 2nd Amendment Anti-Christ.
For all the people who ask me what they can do to protect their rights, do everything Bloomberg said but in support of the second amendment, and then some. We must remember politicians work for us, but they largely live in a bubble filled with people like Bloomberg. We must make our voices heard so that they understand the true sentiment of the American people. Bloomberg buys people to go out, wear their anti-gun shirt, make fake noise and our politicians think that’s what the people want. We must counter the fake message with our real message. So I agree with Bloomberg with how you can help; put on your pro-gun shirts, knock on doors, pick up the phone, write your letters because I promise you it does make a difference as long as there are enough people doing it. Bloomberg’s money is long but our rights and our resolve are longer.
Again, Bloomberg is telling you everything you need to know about his stance on the 2nd amendment. I assure you, Trump is no extremist when it comes to the 2nd amendment. I believe he is pro 2nd Amendment but he has made concessions on things that I and a lot of people in the gun community do not agree with. So for Bloomberg to call him an extremist tells you that Bloomberg is savagely anti-2nd Amendment. He is not only anti 2nd Amendment, but he’s also anti-constitution. The man literally said, “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on our freedoms”. He wants to be a dictator, not a president.”
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