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An Awesome Video Of Some Of The Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Over the last few years I’ve listened to alot of people talk about how omnipotent mankind is, why, we’re so almighty that we can even change the climate and we can destroy the entire planet with a mere push of a button. I say to those people, you’re full of CRAP!! On the large scale of time, human beings have only been around for a very short period.

Now, am I saying that humans cannot affect , or damage the planet…no, I’m not saying that, truth be told, human beings are one of the most abusive and out-right careless species on earth. I think that arrogance  comes from the belief that above all of God’s creatures, we are supeior to them all…and in that case, it makes humans one of the most dangerous life forms on earth.

But I digress, there are plenty of life forms on earth that are very dangerous to mankind and if we don’t watch it, or are careless, we can fall victim to them. Each of the creatures mentioned in the video below, while some may seems “cute”, or too small to hurt us, that kind of thinking might just make you fall victim to them.

So, my advice to you is, when you are either swiming in the ocean, walking down a dusty road, or walking through the forrest, be aware of your surroundings and tread with care, for there are creatures out there that can do you great bodily harm, or even eat you for lunch. Remember, as tenants on this planet, we’re the newcomers, so show a little respect to your fellow life forms and tread lightly.



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