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Here Are 8 Of The MOST POWERFUL GUNS In The World

Just so we all get-off on the right foot here, I do want to say that one of the items spotlighted in the video below, is not a gun/firearm, but an accessory to enhance one’s capability when using a firearm. Aside from that, one should always remeber, that ALL GUNS are dangerous, especially when in the hands of a criminal, or a terrorist.

It’s not the gun itself that makes it “dangeropus”, but the person using the weapon. Yes, some guns are more “powerful” than others, but again, I’m a firm believer in the individual using the gun to it’s total capabilities. In the right hands and in the right location, a bolt action rifle can be used to halt the forward advance of an entire battalion.

So, sit back and enjoy the video, since you’re probably at home right now and chances are, you’re not going to be running around today (maybe not for a few days due to the Coronavirus). So, you might as well hunker-down and make the best out of it. One more thing….don’t blame me for the thumbnail image, I don’t know why that particular image was used since it is not included in the video…sorry.



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