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[Video(s)] “The Log Movie” Watching Wildlife Without Commentary In Its Natural Habitat

The other day, the owner of this publication sent me a message on Facebook and he only included a link to a YouTube page, so I thought I’d check it ut and quite frankly, I enjoyed it very much. The Link was from A YouTuber called: “Bush’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera” and it’s only content was that of a trailcam placed on a log to record all of the different wildlife that used the log to cross over a small stream. The original video was posted to YouTube on April 7th, of 2018 and the responce was so good, he did another video a year later on August 19th, of 2019.

Below, I’m going to place both videos in sequence so that you can watch them both one after the other. Both videos went viral because the responce from the public was so great, it seems that viewers really enjoyed them. The main comment being, that since the trailcams were left alone with no human beings hanging around, it seems that folks had no idea just how many different kinds of animals used the log and did they so without hindrance, or fear of any human interaction.

So, without further ado, I present to you, “The Log Movie” and “The Log 2: Another year” and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Here is “The Log 2 another year”:



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