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Watch As Vicky Stark And The Girls Go Fishing For Peacock Bass

What can I say, except that any day fishing with Vicky stark is a good day, no matter what! Aside from her awesome looks, Vicky is no slouch when it comes to fishing, Not only is Vicky an awesome instagram model, but when it comes to putting a line in the water, she very seldomly comes back to shore empty handed. This lady is the ‘REEL’ DEAL !!

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Vicky, here’s a littl bit from her bio:

“Vicky Stark became an internet sensation for her posts on Instagram catching giant fish on the coast of Florida wearing bikinis. In 2016, she posted her first fishing video, but she had a passion for fishing since her childhood. After a year, the Daily Mail featured her on their website, sharing news about her fishing and prominence on Instagram.”

Here is a little info on her intended catch, the Peacock Bass from Fishing World:

“FOR sportfishers everywhere, and freshwater addicts in particular, peacock bass are one of those “bucket list” species that keen anglers dream of. This group of tropical South American freshwater fishes are actually not bass at all, but are instead members of the Family Cichlidae. However, unlike the thousands of species of their close relatives the cichlids, angelfish, oscars, discus and tilapias of aquarium fame, peacock bass are desirable sportfish for several reasons.
Firstly their size. Peacock bass are the largest of the cichlids, with some species growing to nearly a meter long. Unlike most other cichlids, they are top level piscivorous predators with a unique feeding method – think a mixture of the ambush rush of a PNG black bass followed by the “suction feeding” boof of a barra. Their explosively violent surface strikes are usually followed by strong runs and energetic jumps, behaviour that has lead many anglers to consider peacock bass as being one of the worlds most exciting freshwater sportfish.”

Anyway, enjoy the video and don’t forget to check-out Vicky on instagram.

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