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Here’s Something To Help Take Your Mind Off Of Being Stuck At Home: Beautiful Women Shooting Guns

Since we’re all stuck at home during this pandemic, what can we do to make it all bearable…why watch a bunch of hot ladies shooting lot’s of guns of course!! I realize that this article is nothing more than a “fluff-piece” and serves no real purpose, other than to entertain you, but hey…any port in a storm right?

But there is a method to my madness here,  I’m using this as an opportunity to show some of you just how easy it is to correctly use firearms. I mean, if a bunch of scantily-clad women can fire-off a few hundred rounds on full-auto and since you’re stuck at home with no way to protect yourself, especially if you’re one of those dedicated anti-gun folks, if these half naked women can properly use a firearm…so can you.

But, the chances that some of my readers are “liberal” is kinda slim. If you are a regular reader, then please feel free to share this with some of your liberal friends (if you have any that is). Since we’re all on lockdown, it’s probably safe to say that if you did have to call the cops, chances are,they wouldn’t show up at all, that is unless there was an armed intruder in your home, then police wouldn’t make it on time to save your life anyway. THAT’S why owning a firearm is kind of important, especially right now.

But I digress, watch the video and enjoy.



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