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So America How Do You Like Your Free Trial Run Of Socialism ?

During this trying time in our nation’s history, many people across the country have been forced by city and state politicians to stay at home and “shelter in place”, that is unless, you have been deemed by those same politicians as having an “essential job”, then you are allowed the “privilege” of going to work so that you can feed your family and pay your rent. I live in Washington State and we have been hit exceptionally hard by the Coronavirus and thanks to the ineptitude of Governor Jay Inslee, we are also suffering financially. And what is Governor Inslee’s plan to help his constituents during this crisis…why it’s to EXTEND his draconian “stay at home” order. for another two weeks.

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If we take anything away form all of this, it should be a massive re-structure of our political system, so that in the future, we will prevent any politician the ability to simply “suspend” our basic human rights. What I find incredible about all of this, is that the entire mainstream media is pushing this socialist agenda down our throats, all the while saying that if we complain, we are “virus deniers”, but at the same time, calling us “racist”, for blaming the Chinese for allowing this virus to spread in the first place.

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If this pandemic has shown us anything, it is that there are evil people out there who are using this as an excuse to abuse what little authority that they do have and that should scare the crap out of anyone who has an I.Q. above 75 . And the thing that bothers me the most, is that these same politicians who have illegally usurped this power are treating those who dare to complain about the loss of their basic freedom, is to threaten us with even MORE restrictions of those same basic human rights.

I will say this, that come election day, I fully expect to see a “red wave” to sweep across this country and send these tyracical democrats packing and put them out of work, so that they can experience what the rest of us are experiencing right now….the loss of our incomes and what it feels like when THEY won’t be able to feed their families and not be able to pay their rent. And if they are by some twist of fate are re-elected to office, then those folks who are complaining right now, deserve everything that happens to them.



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