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The 5 Handguns I Would Never Buy…But I Wouldn’t Throw Them In The Trash Either

I’m just a regular guy , who like most Americans, has been living on a tight budget for the last few years just like everybody else, just so that you know… this article is purely an “opinion piece”. Though I’ll never buy any of these guns now, I wouldn’t throw any of them in the trash either. While most people would argue the point, it all comes down to a personal preference. While most (if not all) of the guns in this video are really good guns, the guy in the video makes his case based on what he thinks are practical based on round capacity , size and weight.

Here’s the bottom line: buy the gun that suits you the best. It all comes down to what you can afford and what you’ll use them for (other than the obvious of personal protection). Beneath the video I placed all of the handguns mentioned in the video in numerical order, they are also linked to each perspective website , so you can learn more about each one.

  1. Ruger LCP
  2. Walther PPK
  3. Ruger SP101 .357
  4. FN 57
  5. Keltec PF9



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