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This Has To Be The Ultimate Off-Road Truck: The Shaman

I like to go off-road as much as anybody I know and even though I have owned several 4×4’s in my life, I felt pretty comfortable in the knowledge that they would go most places I wanted to go (within reason of course). But what if you wanted to take it up a couple of notches? What if you wanted to go where that shiny new full sized 4 wheel drive couldn’t go? Well, a Russian company has just the rig you’re looking for, an 8 wheeled monster called the ‘Shaman’ , I think that I would have called it by a different name that’s a little more ‘badass’, but that’s just me.

Most trucks are designed to travel various terrains, but not all of them can travel on water. Created by the Russian company, Avtoros, the ATV Shaman 8×8 is an 8-wheel-drive truck that can handle much more than an average truck can.

The Shaman is a perfect solution for those who like hunting, fishing, and hiking. Regardless of the environment Shaman will be your reliable guide in the world of adventure. Simultaneously, it will provide an unmatched level of comfort both when moving and camping.

You will love each single detail about Shaman. This amazing vehicle will take you to places that you have never dreamed to visit! Gather your friends and family and start your new adventure! Other amphibious cross-country vehicles with low pressure tires are no match for Shaman with its exceptional off-road capabilities and the level of comfort! There are lots of beautiful places that can be found off road and Shaman can take you there!

To top it all off, you can construct your own cross-road monster by adding or removing various options and functionality. This is something that no one else can provide!

Looks like I’m ordering one of these bad-boys…now if only I could win the Powerball.



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