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This Looks Like Fun…Shooting The Lahti L-39 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle

The Lahti L-39 20mm anti-tank rifle is a monster of a gun, made in Finland during the second world war, it fires a very large 20mm projectile. This weapon was used to good effectiveness by the Finns. It had excellent accuracy, penetration and range, but its size made transportation difficult.
The young man in the video is using a iMAC computer as a target, I don’t know why, but he must have his reasons. I guess he really doesn’t like Macintosh products, that, or, it was taking-up space in his garage. I wish he would’ve given me a call, I have a ton of useless crap in my garage I gladly would have given him to use for target practice.
*”It was nicknamed “Norsupyssy” (“Elephant Gun”), and as tanks developed armor too thick for the Lahti to penetrate its uses switched to long range sniping, tank harassment and with the L-39/44 fully automatic variant, employment as an improvised anti-aircraft weapon.
The rifle is a semi-automatic, gas operated weapon with the piston located beneath the barrel and ammunition feed from detachable top-mounted magazine with bottom ejection for the spent cartridges. To reduce recoil, the rifle is equipped with a five hole muzzle brake and a padded leather recoil pad. The barrel had a wooden jacket as to allow transportation after firing.
The gun was also widely used in the Cold Charlie counter-sniper technique, where the Finns would use a mannequin posing as an officer sloppily covering himself. Soviet snipers would fire upon the mannequin, and the Finns would then return fire at the Soviet snipers with the Lahti L-3.”


*H/T – Wikipedia



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