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Tired Of Being Quarantined…Then Let’s Go Bikini Bow Fishing In Florida With Vicky Stark (part 1)

Let’s face it folks, being quarantined sucks, whether it’s ‘voluntary’, or ‘involuntary’ and if you’re the outdoors type, then it’s especially difficult for you to be stuck at home. While I can’t show up at your front door and whisk you away on a great fishing trip, I can provide you with a great video (complete with eye candy) that gives you a great idea what to do when you ARE able to get out of the house.

Some of you might ask why I publish material with a hottie in a bikini going fishing, the answer isn’t as simple as one might think. Do I do it for “clicks”, no I do not. I publish Vicky’s videos, for a couple of different reasons, one is, yeah, she’s awesome looking, but aside from that, the girl knows how to fish! On top of that, Vicky is a friend of mine and I like her videos because she actually gets out on the water with a purpose…to reel-in some awesome fish.

To me, her videos are the best of both worlds, yes, you get to see a hot girl in a bikini, but it’s the fishing part that really excites me, because while it’s great to have something nice to look at…I wish I was able to jump on a boat and put a line in the water.

So to sum it all up, when you watch Vicky’s videos (if you’re a guy anyway), you get the best of everything, a hottie…and a great fishing adventure and what else could be better than that, especially right now.



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