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Goin’ Hog Huntin’ Down Texas Way W/The 25-45 Sharps Swine Smasher

**WARNING** This video contains images of  hog hunting  for food (not “sport”), if this offends you, you’re in the wrong place and you can simply click away and don’t watch.

In the video below they visit the beautiful Independence Ranch outside of Austin, TX to do a little hog hunting with the new 100gr .25-45 Sharps Swine Smasher round from Sharps Rifle Company. Be warned that this video contains the humane harvesting of Hogs. All shots were humanly carried out and resulting in as little suffering as possible to the animal. All the meat from these hogs was used. We hope you guys enjoy this hunting video, they will have a lot more to come in the future for your viewing enjoyment.

This is from the Sharps Website:

Presenting the Sharps Swine Smasher, a revolutionary new hog dedicated load that will change the way your AR platform rifle brings home the bacon! Beginning with the powerful 25-45 Sharps cartridge, we’ve developed a hog specific projectile using technology primarily reserved for the Safari market. This 100 grain Dead Tough™ bonded core beauty incorporates controlled expansion and straight line penetration to provide quick humane kills on the biggest, nastiest hogs you can find. Utilizing the time proven energy transfer provided by the increased striking surface area of a round nose Dead Tough™ bullet you will clearly experience the difference in stopping power in the field. 

You can easily convert your standard AR platform rifle to the more powerful 25-45 Sharps cartridge with a simple SRC barrel replacement, while still utilizing your standard 5.56mm / 223 Rem. bolt face andmagazines.Or you can enjoy the benefits of the 25-45 Sharps significantly increased power by simply purchasing a complete upper or complete rifle package from SRC.Compare the energy figures in the accompanying chart for yourself; we think you will agree the 25-45 Sharps Swine Smasher load provides the most hog stopping power in its class. Our Swine Smasher factory ammunition has been improved with a redesigned 100 grain Dead Tough round nose bullet. As a result, this cartridge will fit and feed when used in any magazine, whether it be PMag, HexMag or the metal USGI.



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