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Democrat Governors And Mayors Have Destroyed America’s Economy & We Are Also Seeing An Unprecedented Rise In Crime Thanks To Them

Sadly, at this point in history, I don’t recognize my own country, thanks to the democrats, our economy is in the tank, unemployment is at record numbers and crime…well, we are seeing an unprecedented rise in that also, the rule of law (if you live in a democrat controlled city, or state at least) has been  cast aside and in it’s place are racist hate filled mobs. How did we get here and what is the solution? Well, I’m no rocket scientist, but the solution seems easy (to me at least), let businesses re-open and let the police do their jobs …that was easy wasn’t it? But no, that’s not what democrats want, they would rather see the entire country BURNT TO THE GROUND AND BE BANKRUPTED.

Democrats say, that we can’t re-open our economy, because if we did, untold numbers of people would be infected with COVID 19 (if you’re a conservative  at a Trump rally that is) and the cops, well, they’re nothing but a bunch of racist trigger happy goons (at least that’s what democrats and the mainstream media are telling us).  Thanks to the democrats, our country has never been more divided  and the rule of law, has been thrown out of the window and in it’s place, is “social justice”. Criminals are now the good guys…and the cops are nothing more than racist, murdering thugs.

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There is a solution to all of this nonsense, vote every single democrat OUT OF OFFICE in November and afterward, we can rebuild our great nation and it will be even better than before.

I chose the two videos below because they best articulate what exactly is going on in America right now…and the “facts”, well, they speak for themselves. Remember all of this on election day.

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