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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Is Not Just An Idiot…But A Liar As Well Who Doesn’t Take Any Responsibility For What Is Going On In Her Own City

It literally boggles my mind how any reasonably intelligent person could, or would, vote for someone like Lori Lightfoot and put her in the office of Mayor of Chicago. Lightfoot is not only incompetent, but is a compulsive liar as well. She takes absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything going on in her own city.  Lightfoot’s response to all of the violence in Chicago, well it’s all Donald Trump’s fault of course, that, and the other states surrounding Illinois , who have virtually no gun laws, thereby allowing an influx of illegal guns to flood the streets of Chicago.

What a crock of CRAP !!

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Lightfoot echoes the same nonsense that other Democrat mayors like her prattle on about when they can’t get a handle on all of the violence going on in major democrat controlled cities across the country, I guess it’s just easier to blame President Trump instead of admitting their own incompetence.

Lightfoot blames “Pro Gun States” & “AR-15s” for Gun Violence Spiking in Chicago. This isn’t a “commonsense gun control issue”, it’s a, “WTF is going on in certain parts of Chicago issue”. Chicago leaders have been using this same tired excuse for their failure to reduce the violence in Chicago for years.

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It’s their go to line anytime someone points out the fact that Chicago is one of the most violent cities in the country, all the while having some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Do you know how incompetent you have to be to blame the violence in your city on surrounding states who don’t have the same level of violence as your city? It’s pathetic, yet she does it without flinching.

Mayor Lightfoot got that 60% number from a 2017 Gun Trace Report. In the report it also says that the vast majority of crime guns were handguns possessed by adults who were not the original purchaser of the firearm. This completely undermines her argument for an assault weapons ban which is code for “ban AR15s” and as you just heard, they’re not using AR15s, they’re using handguns.

So, can someone please get Mayor Lightfoot to explain to us how banning AR15’s is going to reduce crime committed with handguns? Not to mention the report also says these handguns were possessed by adults who were not the original purchaser. This means that people are buying guns in Indiana and selling them to people who can’t buy guns in Chicago. This is called a straw purchase and it’s highly illegal and the only way to really stop this is ban the sale of guns outright.

So, unless Mayor Lightfoot is talking about banning guns altogether, an assault weapon is stupid, because they’re using handguns. Universal Background checks are stupid because the original purchasers of these crime guns had to pass a background check to get the guns in the first place Right now in 2020, Chicago has nearly double the number of murders compared to 2019 and we still have five more months to go.

Any mayor who really cared about the violence in their city would take all the help they can get to reduce the violence, but not Mayor Lightfoot, she rather play , “Orange Man Bad” and continue sweeping Chicago’s violence under her lack of accountability rug. Whats even more disgusting, she has the audacity to talk about violation of constitutional rights when it comes to Trump sending federal troops to help deal with the violence, but is willing to violate our 2nd Amendment constitutional rights in order to avoid having to deal with the violence in her city.

My big question is: Why do people keep voting for morons like Lightfoot ?!?!? Anyway, it’s just a suggestion, but you folks in Chicago should try voting for a republican candidate next time….it wouldn’t hurt at this point to try anyway.



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