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Havin’ Fun On The Range With The Henry Lever Action 410 Axe

Have you ever just wanted to jump on a Harley Davidson motorcycle and throw on a leather jacket & leather chaps , slip on some Ray Ban sunglasses and go for a scoot? Well, there’s one more accoutrement that you’d need to complete your outfit and that is a Henry Lever Action Axe .410 shotgun, then your “Terminator” ensemble would be complete.

It’s funny, but I don’t even know anybody who has that shotgun and truth be told, I never even saw one until I watched Terminator 2: Judgment Day, it’s kind of funny how that works-out.

Before you watch the video, let me give you a little background on the Henry Lever Action Axe .410:

Not all firearms need to fit neatly into categories like hunting, home protection, or good ol’ backyard plinking. We feel that simply being fun to pull out of the scabbard and shoot again and again should be a category all its own. For those that join us in considering this an important category, the Lever Action Axe .410 delivers in spades.

It’s fun, for sure, but it also has more practicality than meets the eye. The Axe has the same 5-round capacity of 2 ½” shells as its larger Lever Action .410 Shotgun counterparts, but the addition of a loading gate means that you can keep that capacity topped off at all times without needing to remove a tube magazine. Another practical advantage is its size. With a barrel length of just under 16” and an overall length of just over 26” the Axe can be stored in far more places than your average long gun. The barrel is finished off with a brass bead front sight and invector style threads that are fitted with a removable full choke right out of the box. The “axe handle” pistol grip gives the firearm its name and is engraved on the bottom with the iconic Henry Cowboy logo for that unmistakable touch of Henry class.

Lever Action Axe .410 Bore»
Model Number
Action Type
Lever Action
.410 Bore
Chamber Size
2 1/2″ Shells
5 Rounds
M.S.R. Price

There you have it, so now sit back and enjoy the video.



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