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One Afternoon Goin’ Shooting With The Smith & Wesson Model 29 44 Magnum W/4″ barrel

There should be NO DOUBT that if there’s one pistol in my collection that I love, it would be the Smith & Wesson model 29, although mine has a longer barrel than the one in the video below. The model 29 gained celebrity after the release of the film “Dirty Harry”, in 1971, starring Clint Eastwood, although it initially started production in 1955 by Smith & Wesson. Also, at the time, it was the world’s most powerful mass produced handgun in the world and it still is a favorite with gun enthusiasts to this very day.

Smith & Wesson Model 29s, with 4-and-8 38-inch (100 and 210 mm) barrels

Here’s a little bit of info on the model 29 by Wikipedia:

The Smith & Wesson Model 29 is a six-shot, double-action revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge and manufactured by the United States company Smith & Wesson.
The Model 29 was offered with 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 1⁄2, 8 3⁄8 and 10 5⁄8 inches (76, 102, 127, 152, 165, 213 and 270 mm) barrels as standard models. Other barrel lengths were available either by special order from Smith & Wesson’s Custom Shop or custom built by gunsmiths. The 5 inches (130 mm) barreled variant had a full length underlug. Finish options available included a highly polished blued or nickelplated surface.
At the time of its introduction the Model 29 was the most powerful production handgun, although it was later overtaken by handguns chambered for the even larger .454 Casull and .50 Action Express cartridges. It was made famous worldwide by association with the fictional character “Dirty Harry” Callahan.
 Model 29 – S&W Classics 6 1/2″ Blue
 44 Magnum, 44 Special
 Red Ramp
 Single/Double Action
 Carbon Steel
 Carbon Steel
 Carbon Steel
 6.5″ (16.5 cm)
 47.7 oz.
MSRP: $ 1200.00

Even though the video below is 24 minutes long, it is quite informative and entertaining, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



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