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Here’s Something You’ll Love…As If The New Ford Bronco Wasn’t Awesome Enough Here Is The Bronco “Warthog”

As a former Bronco owner myself (an 89 XLT), all I can say about the new Bronco Warthog is: WOW !!! This machine is awesome and I only wish that Ford Motor Company would make it just a little bit more affordable so that everyone could own one, especially like people like me. But with a starting price at over $50,000.00, unless I win the Power Ball, I don’t see owning a Warthog in my future.

After searching the web for information regarding the Warthog, I found an article at Car and Driver magazine and I think it does justice to this new Bronco, so I will use some of that article to go along with the video below.

According to Car and Driver Magazine:

The Warthog will be the Bronco’s version of the Raptor, found on the F-150 and Ranger (in Europe) pickups, in that it has massive all-terrain tires, wide fenders, beefier axles, and Fox Live Valve dynamic dampers from the, you got it, F-150 Raptor. If you couldn’t tell already, it’s big. Very big.

As we caught the Warthog test truck stampeding down Michigan’s pothole-encrusted roads, we not only noticed its massive 37-inch BFGoodrich K02 All-Terrain tires (a set of 35-inch rubber could also be available), but spotted Fox Live Wire adaptive dampers—the breakthrough twin-tube bypass technology from the F-150 Raptor. You’ll also notice stronger axles and a rear anti-roll bar. The high-performance Warthog will be even more capable than standard Broncos equipped with the off-road-focused Sasquatch package, which adds equipment like 35-inch rubber, an electronic transfer case, front and rear locking axles, a 1.2-inch lift, larger fender flares (to fit the big tires), and heavy-duty Bilstein shock absorbers.

The Warthog will also sit a little taller than the standard Bronco, maybe even slightly higher than the Sasquatch-equipped trucks. It’ll also have a wider track with larger fenders and unique wheels. The truck we spotted is a four-door hardtop. The standard Bronco comes in two- and four-door configurations with the option of either a soft or hard top, and the doors and roof can be removed on all models. We’re not sure if the high-performance Warthog variant will be offered with two doors or a soft top, but we’re hopeful.

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Now that you have some information on the Warthog, kick-back and enjoy the video!!

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