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Watch As The Arex Gen 2 Delta L Pistol Gets Explained And Put Through It’s Paces

After watching the video I’ve come to the conclusion that the Arex Delta Gen 2, is an awesome pistol, nice features for just about any shooter who wants to go out and pick one up for themselves. I normally place specs and other pertinent information beneath the video, but in this case I thought I’d make it available for you so you can read-up and check-out all the available information before you watched Eric put this gun through it’s paces.

All of the information below comes directly from the manufacturers website:



The AREX Delta is a true double action striker-fired pistol. As opposed to some hammerless pistols with fully cocked strikers, the Delta’s striker spring is only partially compressed as a cartridge is chambered. We have found our Striker Double Action system to be inherently safer than a single-action fully cocked striker.

The AREX Delta gen.2 is available in three basic variants but each may be ordered in factory Optics Ready configuration enabling you to further enhance the pistol with a reflex optical sight. The most compact – M variant is practically identical in size to the first generation AREX Delta and reverse grip frame compatibility has been maintained for your convenience.  Modular design enables you to customize the firearm to your needs and preferences. Removable front and rear frame inserts incorporate slide guides and hold the complete fire control mechanism yet only the front insert is a serialized part that must remain with the firearm while everything else may be customized or exchanged if necessary or desired.

We have replaced the checkered grip texture of the first gen Delta with non-slip stippling as a direct result of your input. In addition to the original stippled indexing surfaces, the new gen.2 grip frames sport sandpaper-like stippled texture on all four sides of the grip with smooth edges to prevent garment snagging.


Additionally flared magwell helps with smooth and fast mag changes. Grip frames now incorporate a multi-slotted Picatinny rail to accommodate an even wider array of accessories. Four interchangeable grip inserts transform the grip ergonomics and enable you to tailor the AREX Delta pistol to your hand.



Length                                         196 mm // 7.7”
Height                                         131 mm // 5.1”
Width                                          30 mm // 1.18”
Barrel length                               114 mm // 4.5”
Weight w/o mag                       596 g // 21.0 oz
Weight w mag                          677 g // 23.8 oz

OR Weight w/o mag                565 g // 19.9 oz
OR Weight w mag                    646 g // 22.8 oz




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