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Graphic Video Shows What Happens When Safaris Go Terribly Wrong

Now I realize that for some, an African safari is the dream of a lifetime, driving across the African Savanah getting to see all of those wild animals and not in a cage, all wondering around just as God intended. But what most folks don’t realize, is that even though you might be in a open-truck, or in a car, the danger from these animals is very, very real. Back in the 1970’s a man and his family were driving through a game preserve and the man made the mistake of getting out of the car so he could get a better shot with his camera of some lions and before he had time to react…the lions jumped him and started to eat him, right then and there in front of his family.

The bottom line is, just because you’re with a guide, or even if you are in your own car with the windows all rolled-up, the danger from these animals is very real. There have even been cases of lions actually opening a car door, no kidding. People just don’t seem to understand, that some of these animals are apex predators and if given the chance…they will kill you and make a meal out of you. This is why that if you do go on safari, always listen to the guide and never, ever, forget that while you may be on holiday, if given the chance these animals will attack you, remember, while you’re out there, you’re in THEIR territory and to a hungry predator, you are just another item on the menu. You gotta remember, “killing” is what some of these animals do for a living.

There’s not much else I can say, except…if you do have the opportunity to experience an African safari, be safe and always pay attention to your surroundings, it could mean the difference between life and death.



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