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It’s Double The Pleasure And Double The Fun…Here’s The Pristmatic Dueller Double Barrel 1911

If there is one thing you can say about Hickok45, it’s that he never disappoints when it comes to neat stuff and that’s a fact. In today’s episode, our old buddy has brought us something very special, the Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 Prismatic Dueller 45ACP. Now, some of you might think something like this is just a tad bit redundant, but really, who cares, it’s way cool and after all, that’s the whole point right?

This is an awesome Double Barrel Pistol and it’s what we’ve come to expect, especially from a villain in a James Bond movie.  It is one of the most rare & awesome firearms in existence today. The Pristmatic Dueller is a very unique pistol due to the fact that it has two 6 inch ported barrels. Perfect gun for the collector that thinks they have everything!

Taking the standard AF-2011 to the next level, the Pristmatic Dueller  boasts a six-inch ported slide, dual barrels, high polish chrome, two-tone finish, octagon slide, high-rise beavertail grip safety and G-10 grips. The Pristmatic Dueller  was also featured in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre and numerous YouTube videos generating millions of views creating an extreme demand.

Here’s some more technical information about this pistol:

•Six Inch Ported Slide and Barrel

•High Polished Chrome, Two-Tone Finish

•Double Barrel


•45 ACP caliber

•Fires both barrels with one pull of the trigger

•16 round magazine capacity

•Adjustable sights

•Weight 4.9 pounds

•Barrel length 6.5 inches

•Width 1.9 inches

•Height 5.7 inches

•Total length 10.24 inches

And the price (a little on the expensive side) with a MSRP of $7,263.00

Here’s a little bit about Arsenal Firearms:

It all started 2004 when my passion for historical weapons found its way to reality. Having the opportunity of working on this project in the basement of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of Russia, the biggest reverse engineering project ever started. Together with real gun specialists, 3D-Simulation engineers and people who really know all about weapons, more than 160 models were rebuilt and are now available in 3D machine drawings. 2006 Miniature Arsenal Ltd. was founded and since then product has been sold to collectors all over the world.

To read more click HERE

Okay, now that we have all that out of the way, time to watch our old buddy put this awesome pistol through it’s paces.

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