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Watch As Vicky Stark & Friends Go Fishing For Permit In Florida

The other day I got an email from my good buddy Vicky Stark and she included her latest fishing video, needless to say I was very excited and I promised her that I would publish it here at Great American Outdoors.

Not only is Vicky one of the hottest Instagram models out there, but she is a genuine sweetheart and an awesome fisherman (whoops I mean fisher-woman). Every time she sends me a video, she always asks about my family and wishes us well and in my book, that makes he a genuinely nice person.

So, in the video below, Vicky and her gal-pals go fishing for Permit off the Florida coast, so all you have to do, is kick-back and enjoy the show.

About Vicky’s intended catch according to Wikipedia:

The permit (Trachinotus falcatus) is a game fish of the western Atlantic Ocean belonging to the family Carangidae. Adults feed on crabs, shrimp, and smaller fish.
Permit can be distinguished by their elongated dorsal fins and anal fin. The dorsal fin is shaped like a scythe. Permit tails are also deeply forked, and their bodies are compressed laterally, making the fish tall and thin when viewed from the front.
The average permit has six to seven dorsal spines, and 18 to 20 one soft rays. The anal fin has two to three spines, and 16 to 18 soft rays. Both dorsal and anal fins have dark, anterior lobes. Permit have no scutes and have a large, orange-yellow patch on their abdomens in front of their anal fins, while their pectoral fins are dark.
The permit fish can reach a maximum length of 48 in (122 cm) and can weigh up to 79 lb (36 kg), according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

H/T – Wikipedia



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