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Come Along As Vicky Stark Takes Us On A Bow & Bass Fishing Trip In Florida

If there’s one way to beat the heat and have the time of your life, it’s going fishing. And what better way than to go out and do this, is by going fishing with one of the hottest Instagram models in the country; Vicky Stark!
Not only is Vicky a stunning looking woman, but she’s a really good ‘fisherman’ . In fact, if you go through Vicky’s YouTube channel, you’ll see quite a few videos of Vicky out on the water doing her thing. And whenever she puts a hook in the water, she seldom misses.
Truth be told, one of the first videos of Vicky’s that I ever saw, was of her out ‘Bowfishing’, after that I was hooked and have been a die-hard fan ever since. And in the video below, Vicky is giving us a “twofer”, she’s going fishing for Bass in the sunny state of Florida and she’s going to be doing some bowfishing also.
If you are ever in Florida and want to have an awesome fishing adventure of your very own, then you should hook-up with Osceola Outback Adventures. Osceola Outback is a full time guide service offering you some of Florida’s most unique fishing adventures. And if you want to go bowfishing just like Vicky Stark is doing in the video below, then you can do that too.
“Florida has become one of the go-to states for bowfishing. Florida has hot summers and warm winters and also has an abundance of “non-game” fish for the taking. With an estimated 3 million acres of lakes, ponds and reservoirs plus another 12,000 miles of rivers, streams and canals we will have no trouble putting you on a great day or night trip for bowfishing. Osceola Outback offers day time and night time trips. You will have opportunities to shoot Tilapia, Gar, Bowfin and Catfish.”
I’ll put a link beneath the video if you want to check them out and make a reservation to have your own fishing adventure. But for now, grab a cold one and kick back and enjoy the show.

If you want to have your very own ‘Outback Adventure’ then click HERE



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