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Here Are 10 Of The Oldest Weapons That The United States Still Uses Today…You Just Can’t Beat A Classic

There’s an old saying and it goes like this…”You just can’t beat a classic”. This is very true, because if something works (and works well) you don’t change, or try to “fix” it. In the video below, you will see 10 weapons systems that have been in our arsenal for decades. These weapons work very well and because of that, our military still continues to use them to this very day.

As far as weapon systems are concerned, having the best available can be the key to success on the battlefield. But, with rapid changes in technology, some weapons come and go, rather quickly. Other times, weapons are so well designed and so effective, they stay in service for decades and when you watch the video, you’ll see why.  When I began my career in the military in 1975, I used some of these weapons on the list and I can tell you from personal experience, not only were these weapons awesome, but were loads of fun to use.

Here’s the list and as you watch the video, you will see why these weapons are still in use today:

UH-1 Huey , In service: 1959–present, Limited service, (International users)

M61 Vulcan, In service: 1959–present (U.S. and International)

M14 rifle 1959–present, Limited service

KC-135, In service: 1957–present, (U.S. and International), partially replaced by the KC-46

M60 Machine Gun, In service: 1957–present (U.S. (SEALs) and International)

B-52 Stratofortress, In service: 1955–present (USA, & be replaced by B-21 Raiders soon)

The M2 Machine Gun, In service: 1933–present, (U.S. and International)

M1919 Machine Gun, 1919–present, (International users)

M1911 Pistol, In service: 1911–present , (U.S. and International)

M1903 Springfield, 1903–present , Limited service.



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