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Vicky Stark

Let’s Go Fishing For Snapper In Key West With Vicky Stark

Vicky Stark is not just one of the hottest models on Instagram, but she is a very accomplished fisherman and before we get to the video below, there were some questions about Vicky’s intended catch.

Some people asked ‘what is the difference between Vermilion Snapper and Red Snapper’ and here’s your answer:

At a glance, the biggest difference between the two Snappers is their size and overall shape. Vermilion Snapper are small and slender, while Red Snapper are more deep-bodied and generally much bigger. You may also notice that Vermilions have much more forked tails than Reds.

The next big giveaway is in the eyes. Vermilion Snapper have bloodshot eyes that look oversized compared to the rest of their head. Red Snapper have smaller eyes which are more of a pinkish red.

While you’re staring your fish in the face, take a look at its mouth. Vermilions are used to eating small fish and squid, and have tiny mouths as a result. Red Snapper will gobble up anything that comes their way. Because of this, they have big mouths with sharp teeth in them.

Now that you’re up too speed, you can kick-back and watch as Vicky and her friends go out for a day’s fishing.

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