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Extremely Intense Bodycam Footage Shows Police Shoot Man While He Holds His Fiancée At Knifepoint

** (Disclaimer: The video content below is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

As I have stated on many occasions, the reason I publish articles like this, is to show you (the American public), the incredibly dangerous job that the police have. These brave men and women wake-up every single day and they do not know for certain, if they will go home to their loved ones when their shift is over…and yet, they continue to do their job anyway.

The one scenario that every police officer dreads, is a hostage situation. The decisions made by the police in situations like the one you will see in the video below, are literally one’s of life and death, if they make the slightest mistake, then the hostage could die.

This is why I am a very big proponent of bodycam’s. While people can lie, the bodycam doesn’t and I think that every police department across the United States of America should equip it’s officers with a body camera.

Here is a written description of what you will see and hear in the video below:

Baltimore, Maryland — The Baltimore Police Department released body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting that took place in a Broadway East home Sunday morning. Baltimore police say officers fatally shot a man who was holding a woman at knifepoint. Police identified the man as 49-year-old Timothy Fleming, of Baltimore.

On Sunday, May 16, officers responded to the 1800 block of E. Lafayette Ave for a report of a man wielding a knife. Once on location, Officer Gaston Melendez and his trainee arrived at the location and spoke to a child who said he had called 911 on his father, who was attempting to stab his mother with a knife.

Officers witnessed, Timothy Fleming, holding his fiancée, Shannon Burnham, on the floor at knifepoint. A relative of the fiancée is also seen in the video. Officers attempted to de-escalate the situation by speaking with Fleming and asking him to drop the weapon or let the victim go.

Fleming ignored the officers’ commands and leaned towards the victim as if he was going to stab the victim. Two officers discharged their weapons, striking Fleming. Officer Melendez fired his weapon two times. Officer Zimmerman fired his weapon seven times. An officer was able to rescue the victim to safety. She had not been stabbed. The trainee rendered aid to Fleming. Medics responded to the scene and pronounced him dead.

H/T – PoliceActivity



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