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Are You A First Time AR-15 Owner…Here’s How To Use It Safely And Proficiently

The reason I am publishing this article is simple…not everybody is proficient with firearms and not everybody knows how to use a gun. If you are one of those people, then this article is for you. Now, if you turn on the television just about everyone in the mainstream media will tell you just how deadly and ‘scary’ the AR-15 is, here’s the truth, it’s a firearm just like any other, it will only work if you pick it up and use it.

Proficient use of any firearm takes practice, if you do not know where to go to safely use your firearm, you can look through your local phonebook and find-out where the nearest rifle/pistol range is in your area. Or, if you live in a rural area, you can simply go out into the woods and set up your own place to practice using your firearm, just make sure there are no homes around the area. Despite how it looks, the AR-15 is quite easy to operate.

Most ‘anti-gun’ people will exaggerate the difficulty of learning how to use an AR-15 because of its extremely aggressive, intimidating and ‘scary’ looks. But in reality, even beginners, or first-time gun owners can become proficient using this rifle, it just takes practice.

Basic Step-by-Step Guide on How To Use an AR-15

How to Clear an AR-15

weapon-series-custom-build-ar15-m4a1 how to use an ar 15

Step 1: Remove The Magazine

Remove the magazine by pressing the magazine release button on the right side of the gun. For right-handers, this is reachable by a finger even if you have your hand on the grip.

For lefties, this is reachable by using the right hand to access the button.

Step 2: Remove Round From Chamber

Pull out the charging handle to check if there is a round. If there is a round still inside, this will eject it from the chamber.

By doing this, you can also check if there is a round in the chamber.

Step 3: Lock The Bolt Open

The left side of the gun contains the bolt catch or the bolt release. To lock the bolt open, pull the charging handle all the way out while pushing in the lower portion of the bolt catch.

Doing this will make the charging handle lose and lock the bolt open. Push the handle back until it locks into place.

Other Way To Do This:

Another way to get the bolt lock to open is by inserting an empty magazine into your AR-15. Pull the charging handle and it will automatically lock open. The empty mag will activate the bolt catch causing it to lock.

Lastly, when it is open and clear, make sure to check if the chamber is empty. After that, switch the AR-15 to the safe position.

How to Load an AR-15

High capacity 30 round bullet magazines | how to use an ar 15 sling

Step 1: Prepare The Bullets

Lay down the rifle and bullets on a table. Make sure you use a sturdy table underneath so you can press the magazine against it while loading the rounds.

Step 2: Load The Bullets

Once you’re ready, hold the AR-15 magazine with your non-dominant hand. Next, carefully align the round onto the top of the magazine. Beginners might have trouble with this at first, especially if they have shaky hands and aren’t used to heavy rounds.

Step 3: Make Sure Everything Is Aligned

Afterward, press on the round until it sinks into the magazine. Slide the round back to align it with the magazine’s back to prevent jamming in between shots.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat until you fully load the magazine.

Step 5: Load The Magazine

Grab the AR-15 rifle, align the fully loaded magazine with the magazine well, then push until the magazine locks into place. Tug on the magazine a bit to test if you inserted it correctly.

Pro Tip: Do not store your rifle loaded. If you’re learning how to use an AR-15 for home defense, we strongly suggest practicing loading the magazine as quickly as you can.

How to Fire an AR-15

Man Firing Machine Gun With Sniper Scope | how to use bushnell equinox z on an ar 15

Step 1: Load A Round

Once you lock the loaded magazine, pull the chamber to load a round into the rifle. As you cock the charging handle, you should see the round entering the chamber through the ejection port and upper receiver gap.

Step 2: Identify the Target

AR-15 shooters generally have two choices for aiming; you can either use optics or iron sights. If you’re using the default iron sights, simply flip the sight up, then aim at your target.

Optics, on the other hand, require a bit more work. Calibrate your optics correctly, check the batteries, and see if the reticle’s appearing on the optic screen.

Step 3: Fire The Rifle

Once you have your target locked, assume the correct shooting stance, switch the safety lock off, then pull the trigger while aiming at the target. Do not close your eyes midway through the shot—even if the loud shot shocks you a bit.

Check out the video below by Lucky Gunner Ammo, where they give a visual demonstration of how to use an AR-15:

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