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Here Are 10 Water Vehicles That Will Absolutely Blow Your Ever Lovin’ Mind

Just a few days ago I published an article about air and land vehicles and the response from you guys was so good with that one, I thought I’d publish another one about water vehicles.

Now, your normal every day run-of-the-mill boat is just plain boring, that what makes the video below so cool, these water craft aren’t just normal everyday boats as you will see for yourself when you watch the video.

No, I would call just about every single craft mentioned a “toy” (with the exception of one). So, unless you have some extra cash to burn, I wouldn’t call these water craft a ‘necessity’, but that doesn’t make them any less cool.

What I’ll do is provide you with a list of each craft mentioned in numerical order.

1. Gliss Speed GlissSpeed

2. Hard Drive Marine Harddrivemarine

3. Scubster stephane rousson

4. Chilli Island Chilli Island

5. Helicat CNNMoney

6. Seabreacher Innespace Seabreacher

7. Quadrofoil Quadrofoil 

8. Alpha-Centauri Royal Yachting Association 

9. Platypus Craft Francois-Alexandre BERTRAND –

10. Schiller Bikes Judah Schiller 

If you wish to do some research on any of the craft mentioned in the video, I’m pretty sure it will be easy to do. So, kick-back and enjoy the video.



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