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Here Are 6 Lion Encounters That Will Make You Want To Change Your Shorts

There is nothing quite like going on safari, it’s not like it was in Teddy Roosevelt’s time. First, you take a long sea voyage and after you land, hop on a train and then from there, you rent ‘porters’ to carry all of the supplies that you will need for a lengthy and somewhat ‘comfortable’ stay in the bush. Back then, it was quite the ordeal. You had to deal not only with wild animals, but back then (and even now I’m afraid) you had to contend with hostile tribesman, who may have wanted to kill you just for the supplies and guns that you were carrying.

Smithsonian Institution Archives - SIA2009-1371.jpg

Today, all you you have to do now, is hop on a plane and fly across the Atlantic Ocean, land at a nice airport, rent a Land Rover and ‘boom’, you’re there, right in the heart of Africa.

And while you may be a little bit more comfortable going on safari today, depending on where you go, there still are certain dangers that you will have to contend with. Lions for instance, not alot has changed there I’m afraid, you do not want to be caught in the open when there are lions around. Because if you are too careless, lions will attack and eat you. One has to remember, that these animals are Africa’s apex predator and there are certain areas in Africa, where man-eaters are very present and a problem.

If I were one of the tourists in the video below, there is NO WAY I would want to be in an open vehicle with lions around and after you watch the video, you just might feel the same way. I’m sure that some of these folks that went on safari weren’t too comfortable when they were around lions, even with a covered vehicle, imagine for a moment that you are surrounded by an entire pride of lions and your vehicle breaks-down, that wouldn’t be a very pleasant situation to be in. And being in an open-vehicle if that were to happen…forget about it!!



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