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This Is Something You Just Have To See: 15 Flying Cars That Will Change The World

I am so darn excited, when I was a kid back in the late 1960’s we always used to talk about the future and what wonders it would bring. The one thing that we always used to talk about, was (you guessed it) flying cars! The closest we came to flying cars, was sitting in front of our television sets watching episodes of ‘The Jetsons’.

Tv Cartoon


We would gleefully imagine what it would be like being able to simply get into our ‘flying car’ and zoom-off to work, or travel through space landing on the moon for a family picnic.

Well, here we are now in 2021 and flying cars/vehicles are not just on the drawing board anymore, they are a reality. But, while some that are still in the development stage, others are ready to go right now. Sadly, the one’s that are available right now, cost an arm and a leg. But, I expect that in the next 20 years or so, there will be more models to choose from and the price will go down considerably, making these vehicles more affordable to us ‘regular folks’.

The video below only mentions 15 of these flying vehicles, some are ‘car-like’, while others look like motorcycles. I expect that within the next decade or two, you will see these types of flying vehicles all over the place, on the road and in the air.



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