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Here Are Some Really Good Lever Action Rifles For Home Defense & Hunting

I know this might seem a little odd if we are talking about home defense, but lever guns are as American as it gets. And truth be told, if they’re good enough to take into the woods for hunting, then they’re good enough to use for home defense. In this day and age, all the discussions revolve around AR-15’s and AR-10’s, and other modern semi-auto firearms.

It seems in this particular area, that lever-action rifles are left in the dust. But here’s a fun fact: Lever-action rifles were the first carbines to use pistol caliber. Keep in mind that when they were made, ‘back in the day’, almost everyone carried around a revolver with the classic 44-40 cartridge, the rifles also had the same ammo as well. So why wouldn’t you use a lever-action rifle for home defense?

Lever actions are ‘America’s rifle’. It’s the gun that won the west and for a while, lever actions were the kings of the whitetail woods as well. In the video below, they spotlight only 4, but if we’re talking about pistol caliber carbines, then these should do the trick.

✅ 1. Henry Rifle

✅ 2. Marlin 1895

✅ 3. MODEL 336SS

✅ 4. Winchester Model 1894



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